With Start-up India picking-up pace and many taxi start-ups coming into the limelight it has become very important to track the vehicles more for security reasons. Also, with transport and logistics being such important part of doing business. Our VTS – Vehicle Tracking System is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor their cars, trucks, or vehicles effectively. Our VTS helps in getting real time details like speed, stops, mileage, route changes, detailed analysis and exceptions of trips. VTS allows administrators to communicate with the fleet drivers using direct SMS.
Using our GPS Vehicle Tracking System in your cars and trucks will get you all the facts at right time:

  •  24×7 real time vehicle location
  •  Real time GPS tracking on MAP
  •  Trip Analysis – speeding, stops, route change, etc.
  • Communicate with vehicle driver using SMS features
  •  Set GEO-FENCE alerts if vehicle moves out of set area
  • Easy Installation & setup